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Worldwide : All Countries including China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates (UAE ), Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Afghanistan , Europe’s Countries including United Kingdom ( UK ), Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine ,Americas’s Countries including USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Argentina ,Oceania’s Countries including Australia, New Zealand,Africa’s Countries, Egypt, South Africa, Benin & Worldwide.

What is trademark Logo?
Trademark Logo represents diagrammatic illustration of symbol of the particular business enterprise which gives unique identity to the organization.

Why to use Trademark Logo?
Trademark Logo helps in offering special recognition to the business enterprise in its field of operations. It helps in building trust loyalty and maintenance of authenticity of the business enterprise.

Advantages of Trademark Logo
The below listed are some of the basic advantages of Trademark Logo

  • Represent the company’s brand or product
  • Helps in building trust and loyalty to company
  • Ensures authenticity of the product
  • Offers distinct identity to the company

How to obtain a Trademark Logo?
Trademarks are basically classified into two forms, one which is registered with government agencies and other that are unregistered. The registered trademarks offer certain exclusive usage rights to the owners.

Registration Process for Trademark Logo

  • Filing of Application for Trademark Registration
  • Request for examination of application to relevant sources
  • Examination registration request
  • Citation of Objections
  • Trademark Logo Registration open to objections
  • If no objections are received than Trademark Logo is considered to be registered

Trademark Logos are symbolized by
A trademark is designated by the following symbols:

  • TM : Used for an unregistered trademark, used to promote or brand goods
  • SM : Used for an unregistered service mark, used to promote or brand services
  • ® Used for a registered trademark