Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Law Rights is one of the fastest growing concepts in modern world. Today each and every proprietor, user is trying to protect his intellectual property by some way or the other. IPR in India has flourished tremendously in the last ten years. In order to take optimum advantage of the rights attached to Intellectual property Rights it is extremely necessary to register it.

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IPR Patent :-

In India, the most important and technical concept of Intellectual property rights is the patents. The patent law in India is governed by the Indian Patents Acty, 1970. The patent law in India has its source from the English law.
In India, patent is granted for a period of twenty years. However it is required to be renewed every year. After the expiry of twenty years, the monopoly rights ceases to exist and the patent in question is available for each and every one to benefit. The Patent Act which was earlier governing the patent laws in India had a lot of loopholes. However it was replaced by the Indian Patent (Amendment) Act, 1999.The best clause introduced by the new Act was the implementation of the exclusive marketing rights which allowed the applicant to distribute and market his products in India from the date of filing of the application without waiting for the whole procedure concerning grant of patent. The main object of this site is to make people aware of different aspects associated with the filing and prosecution of the Patent application along with the providing swift services concerning the same.

IPR Protection :-

There has been remarkable development in the areas of science technology and commerce during the last few decades. This has mainly happened due to the continuous effort and hard work of scientists, business holder and artists from different parts of the world. The outcome of this entire thing comes within the purview of intellectual property rights. It is to be noted that in order to promote the art of various artists and intellect of different people, it is extremely important to protect the intellectual property rights of different countries. The protection pertaining to the different branches of Intellectual property can be acquired at the national and international level .The most important priority of intellectual property right is to safeguard the property of different people which can indirectly contribute to the development of industry and commerce. Thus in order to safeguard Intellectual property rights, it is extremely necessary that all the factors coming within the ambit of IPR must be protected in a legal manner.

IPR Rights :-

Intellectual property rights mainly speaks of the remedy which are available to the owner of the Intellectual property in case it gets infringed or violated by any person unauthorized to act in this regard. As a general rule, the legal remedy can be claimed only if the legal right has been properly safeguarded. In India the different statutes governing intellectual property are Indian patents Act, 1970, Indian Trademarks Act, 1999, Indian Copyright Act, 1957, The Designs Act, 2000 and the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. In India, to file a suit against possible infringement is a matter of right. However these rights can be exercised in an effective manner only when the Intellectual properties are registered as per the rules and regulations governing the same. According to a famous maxim rights is not guaranteed to those who sleep over their rights. Thus in order to enjoy maximum benefit of legal right concerning a captioned Intellectual property it is highly recommended to register the same at the earliest so that possible infringement and violation can be tackled systematically.