A Trademark Attorney is a vital requirement of the Trademark Registration process who provides proper consultation and assistance in registering a trademark as well as handle other processes related to trademark handling. A Trademark Attorney has expertise in handling all the issues regarding trademarks. He/she is responsible for selection of a new trademark, renewal of an existing trademark, dealing with the cases regarding Trademark violations.

Trademark Attorney in India offers advice and guidance to companies on selecting a new trademark. Trademark attorney, not only deals with any opposition effectively and efficiently, but also they give solutions for trademark revocations. Trademark attorneys are specialist legal professionals qualified to advise customers about protecting and enforcing their trademark rights. Trademarks are used to identify a person’s or company’s products or services and may take several forms, including logos, shapes and company names.

A trademark attorney’s responsibilities extend to the following :

  1. Registration of the Trademark
  • Searching for existing applications
  • Filing the client’s application
  • Check status from time to time
  • Registration renewal

2. Dealing with Infringement cases

  • Protect the interests of the clients
  • Provide legal consultation
  • Taking action against violators
  • Deal with the disputes arising thereof.