Patenting is a very time consuming and strenuous process which can be a little expensive for the inventor. Only when the inventor fills a patent application, he is subject to be the assignee of the patented invention. A request pending at a patent office by the owner of the patent for getting registered as an official holder of the invention is referred to as patent filling application. This application form encompasses the description of the invention, official norms and all the information regarding the invention. When government grants the domination of the invention to the inventor, the inventor is the registered holder or assignee of the invention that is patented.

Intellectual property law firms excels in offering aid regarding various aspects of intellectual property like patent filing, international patent filing, trademark registration and patent registration. These services are provided by a pool of experienced and well qualified attorneys and personnel, who take care of the interests of the patent holder or the inventor applying for patent. By filling Patent form applications only, an owner can make the invention his own property for a fixed duration.