A person who is licensed to practice law, and has expert qualifications required for representing clients, for acquiring patents i.e. exclusive rights is known as a Patent Attorney . A patent attorney acts in all the matters regarding patent law and practices like prosecution and defense of patent rights, patentability, validity and infringement opinion etc. The Attorney carries comprehensive searches for novelty, prior art and validity. As a member of a profession of around 1500 members, an Attorney has expertise in the field of intellectual property.

Indian Patent Attorney
Indian Patent Attorney is a licensed law practitioner who has powers to embody clients for obtaining patent protection. The designation of Patent Attorney is not specifically defined in India. The criterion of eligibility to be registered as an Indian Patent Attorney includes being an Indian citizen and minimum 21 years age. Just like foreign patents are not valid in India, similarly, Indian patents are not valid in any other country.

International Patent Attorney
A registered International Patent Attorney is a specialist in representing clients for obtaining international patents and all the matters related to patents like patent application prosecution, patent application drafting and filing, trademark filing, trademark searches, trademark application prosecution, copyright registration, etc. An international attorney is the right source for protection of intellectual property. Besides, an attorney also assists his clients in developing their patent strategy for obtaining patents, minimizing generic competition and maximizing patent based revenue.