A country’s legislation controls the use of patents under the Patent Act . Patents generally instigate scientific research, new technology, and industrial progress. Patent Act varies from country to country.

Indian Patent Act
In India, it this act is coordinated by the superintendence of General Controller of designs patients, trademark patent and geographical indications. India houses four patent offices from which the head patent office is located in Kolkata and other are located in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. As per the direction of the controllers, examiners of each patent office discharge their work. Generally, 20 years from the date of registration is considered to be the patented period in which the owner has the rights of patent. In this period, patented invention cannot be used, sold, transferred, and imported by any other person without obtaining permission from the owner.

International Patent Act
Under this, intellectual property rights are represented at an international level. If once the patent owner registers the patent, then he gets the exclusive rights to use, sell, mortgage or transfer his invention for the term of patent. It also means that the patented invention cannot be used, sold or distributed without any consent from the patent holder. And if still someone uses the patented invention for his benefits, then it is considered as a crime and the criminal is subject to punishment.