Patents have become the most common and effective way of protecting your intellectual property. With the increasing awareness about the advantages of Patent, we have witnessed a general positive trend in the Registration of International Patents. However with the increasing use, the ambiguity around the registration process and the ideas and things that can be protected via it has also increased. Generally an International Patent Registration can be availed for the following :

  • Product Patent : For a new part or an innovative product
  • Process Patent : For a way of making something
  • Patent for industrial design : New equipment used in an industrial process
  • Patent for a new use for a product, and many others.

Each country follows its own independent process of Registration of Patents, as per their legal or judicial setup. But some countries collaborate their patents with others and in such cases the patent offered by authority in one country is considered to be legally binding upon the other member country. However the common process of Patent Registration involves Filing of Application form, submission of power of attorney, examination of application and either acceptance or rejection of the plea. Once this process is over, the product or idea patented by you, cannot be used or replicated without your prior permission.