Federal Trademark Application is a process by which a company or an individual obtains legally registered trademark for their company, brand or products. The Application for obtaining Federal Trademark involves several legal steps that are facilitated by complex trademark legislations.
The process of obtaining a Federal Trademark involves : 
  • Filing of Application
  • Allotment of Application number
  • Data Entry
  • Examination of the Data
  • Dispatch of Examination Report
  • Journal Publication
  • Awaiting of Opposition from third parties
  • If no opposition then acceptance of Trademark Registration

Some of the obvious advantages of filing Federal Trademark Applications

  • Helps in the physical origin of goods and services.
  • Acts as a seal of authenticity for the brand.
  • Assists in identification of the as well as goods and services.
  • Stimulates further purchase. Serves as symbol of loyalty and affiliation.
  • Acts as a life style or fashion statement.

With the increasing importance of trademarks in controlling duplication and copying of brand names and marketing of pirated goods, the relevant government authorities have liberalized the procedure by which applications for Federal Trademarks can be filed and registration can be done. Companies and organizations can also avail legal assistance from attorneys who specialize in application, registration and protection of trademarks.