Patent Drafting Process is considered as the most significant but the most difficult process. It is governed by Patents Act and an office has been established to administer different provisions of patent drafting. This process is mandatory as the inventor has to draft his filed patent application for acquiring patent. If an application is well drafted, then only the invention has a chance of getting patent. Invention’s entire fate depends on how well the application has been drafted. while the prosecution, management and maintenance of the invention, drafting plays the major role.

A patent document available  in any official journals mainly comprises of  Cover page, First page and a Front page. First, mention the bibliographical information of the patent, which may include factual information of the invention. Every patent office has its own set of bibliographical information. A normal cover page provides name of the applicant, inventor and title of the invention. Then the date of priority, filing, publication, abstract and grant of patent is mentioned. This constitutes the patent drafting process. A draft should completely describe a specific process, composition of matter and the mode of operation or principle wherever applicable.